Trident Ploughshares Disarmament 2004
Devonport, Plymouth UK.

Early Summer Camp Schedule
Thursday 27th May to Tuesday 1st June

Day/Date Morning Afternoon

Evening of 28th (Friday)

The Trident Ploughshares Benefit Gig
Has Now Been Relocated To
The Cooperage, Vauxhall Street,
The Barbican, Plymouth.
9-pm to 2-00 am.  Tax 4-00.

Featuring Nationally Acclaimed Band
Seize The Day

Some Sorta Jazz Conspiracy

DJ Crusty & Mike
Old Style Roots Street Reggae 

Set up camp Tours of base
TP Workshops
(Core group to organise)
Tours of base
Street theatre; ritual; Acoustic music with leafleting in town center. CND organised demo. Rally at Noon by The Peace Gardens, The Hoe
TP workshops Multi-faith service. 2:30pm @ Drake Gate
(including atheistic views)
TP workshops FAN (Flotilla Against Nukes) River Demo
Meet 10 am at Weard Quay, Saltash;
Contact Peter Bouquet
Before :- (01822) 832549
On the day :- 07800793964
Blockade @ 6 a.m. Tatting down camp & Clearing up site

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Networking Reminder  >  >  >   When we invite people we let them know they can have an input.
We are co-ordinating it and facilitating the space for expression, not controlling events.
Other organisations may
conjoin i.e. join in with events in their own right.
Direct Action is not compulsory.

Plymouth Trident Ploughshares...Contact: Sandra Leslie
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Seize The Day @ Calstock; 29th May, 2004
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The Hamoze - Devonport Dockyard, Plymouth
from Mount Edgecombe
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