Extracts from an article by Dr Chris Busby "Leukaemia near Naval Dockyard, Plymouth"

Survey Finds 1800% Increase in
Leukaemia Adjacent Plymouth Naval Dockyard

"In 2003, in response to fears about radiation exposure to discharges of Tritium and other radioactive materials from the nuclear submarine refits at the Plymouth Naval Dockyard, the local group CANSAR undertook a health survey of the wards Keyham and Torpoint."

"The questionnaires were analysed by Green Audit, the independent environmental group based in Aberystwyth. Results showed that in the ten years 1994-2003 there was an 18-fold excess risk of leukaemia in Keyham based on 7 reported cases with 0.38 expected in the respondent population. In Torpoint, the excess was 4.7-fold with 4 cases reported and 0.84 expected on the basis of national rates."

References: Chris Busby, PhD Cancer and Leukaemia and Radioactive Pollution from HM Dockyard, Plymouth Report 04/04; March 2004 Aberystwyth: Green Audit


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